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William King

William King

Maine- Leaving in T-Minus 6 Mos.

William King

William Kingwrote a review of on January 5, 2011

Tight Fit, Ace Helmet...
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The Flight II is my first MX Helmet and I am using it for DH Mountain-biking and Moped use. The sizing is a very close fit. I usually wear a large helmet, and am supposed to be an XL with 661's sizing chart. My head is 63 cm and the first time putting the thing on was a squeeze. It has since gotten more comfortable after four or five times out. It does not create pressure points or constrict me though, just stays on snug-I'm sure I'd appreciate this in a hard crash.
The construction is solid and well thought out. Weight is on par with other helmets in its class, and it does not encumber too much.
The opening/closing vents on the forehead are helpful when switching between bicycle and motorcycle use. The mouth vent is a bit small for long rides, i.e.- you'll be breathing heavier than usual if pedaling a long time and not flying downhill. I don't mind this however- the chin bar is solid.
Goggles fit into the face opening perfectly. I could see this being an issue with people who half big noses, or large faces as the nose guard come to the edge of the goggles when worn.
I am very satisfied with the helmet (I bought two, one as a present, because the price was so good).
Here's to hoping I don't have to describe its safety properties, but that if I do, I do so with brain intact!