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Tye wrote a question about on November 29, 2010

I'm looking for a pack that will sustain a 75 to 100 day hike through arid and dusty conditions (i.e. the Sahara). I've been reading mixed reviews about Gregory packs, differing from complaints about the plastic part of the waitband cracking or snapping to others saying gregory packs are the best thing to sliced bread. I've been subjecting myself to a Mystery Ranch pack, which despite all sorts of adjustments, just doesn't seem to fit me well. Yet the pack was able to sustain 110 lbs for 2 weeks without any issues through fairly rugged terrain. Is there a pack which could sustain similar weight (around 85 to 100 lbs) while remaining comfortable and durable? I'm not overly concerned about the weight of the pack, but would not be willing to exceed 9.5 lbs.