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Todd wrote an answer about on December 14, 2012

hey Aust. 13. I'm 6', 175lbs and ski the 185 JJ as my every day ski. The AK JJ is for the deep pow days and for days after about 40 - 50 days once my legs have got really strong. I love the AK's and I love the JJ's but if you like tree skiing the 185 is the way to go. The 185 is very playful and more enjoyable to ski on. Lots of people say it is not very stable at speed, I just say they suck.. The AK is a lot more stable at speed, but the JJ is better in the bumps and trees. The AK will charge a little better thru the crud, but it is one BIG ski. I haven't mounted my Magic J's yet, but my plan is to ski them mostly as my back-country / slack country ski as they are FAT. Anyways, for a one ski quiver, resort ski, the JJ is the best ski I've ever been on. Side note, I did not like the JJ 185 when I first got on them, everything seemed wrong about them, short tail for landing, and just everything, but now, won't trade them for anything but maybe a new pair of freshly tuned ones.




Todd wrote a review of on April 12, 2012

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Salomon brought the all metal binding back. This binding is not making them money, but it sure is keeping the love in the room. Hardcore skiers have been rocking the 916 binding, re-mounting them yearly on new skis since the mid 90's. I got two pairs from the mid-90's on this year's skis. Had lots of other bindings but those ones keep on rocking it. You can stomp anything with these bindings... Back Seat, front seat, and no pre-release ever, which is very important when falling means a trip to the hospital or the morgue.