Tim wrote an answer about on March 5, 2012

I prefer this one. The alpha is built very, very baggy. You could wear two of your largest puffies underneath. The Mentor is a bit trimmer, but still big enough to layer.

The thing I liked best about the alpha SV was the hood, and the functionality of the Mentor is very similar.

Otherwise, they are both proshell, burly coats that will do what will do what they need to do when the wind picks up and the crud starts falling.

And that leads us to the final point: price. I bet you can think of something fun to do with that $180 price difference.




Tim wrote a review of on March 5, 2012

5 5

I really cannot recommend this jacket enough.

Being a Goretex proshell I won't dwell too much on the material, its been discussed to death (and clearly regarded very well).

The fit of the jacket is very good; I bought a medium and I am 6' 160 with an athletic build, longish arms and a longish torso. My buddy bought one two years ago and it fit like a poncho with skinny arm holes. But no more! (So make sure you check the review date when you're shopping around.) The fit isn't super athletic, its a little bigger than the Mammut Nordwand, but its somewhat more athletic than the Arcteryx alpha SV or theta AR. I think its a very good in between. It is good to put some layers under (I've had the mont-bell thermwrap parka, and a few wool long sleeves under and it felt good, room for a little more). I also like the cut of the hood, plenty big to get over a helmet, but it can be positioned so its not ridiculous without.

The pockets are well placed and there are a couple of little pockets inside up high for an ipod, a gu or the like.

The build quality is also amazing (even though it was made in china). I couldn't find a defect. The seams are great, and the corners are reinforced.

A few little gripes: I don't really like the velcro on the wrist cuffs (its fine, just not great), I'd like a water bottle pocket and the pit zips to the waist seem kindve unnecessary (but don't really take anything away).