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Thomas Tcherrick wrote a review of on November 17, 2006

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First stove I've ever owned that has zero learning curve for operation: I didn't even read the instructions! Pulled it out at the campsite at 10,000 feet, and it worked just like a Maytag! Seriously, you just turn it on like your stove at home. I didn't do any careful testing, but it heated water as fast as anybody else's stove. Didn't try the simmer - don't need it. Relatively quiet. Wish it had little stabilizer feet for the fuel canister like Jetboil. Also, a bit tricky to fold up into absurdly small box. Hate size/shape of canisters - never stay put in your pack like a fuel bottle. Makes you look like a sissy compared to "real" backpacking stoves like my MSR, but I'm drinking coffee while the manly men fiddle with matches and fuel.