David Thiel

David Thiel

Western Massachusetts, Southern Vermont

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Hiking & Camping

David's Bio

Outdoor pursuits include mountain biking, backpacking, road cycling, and wintersports like snowshoeing and skiing.

I travel a fair amount and am lucky to go to some interesting places.

I do quite a lot of photography and video work (semi professional) and I have the great fortune to work with most of the very best Canon gear.

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David Thiel

David Thiel wrote an answer about on September 14, 2014

Coats don't have temperature ratings because people do different things while wearing them...

BUT.... No. Despite its name, this not really made for that sort of temperature extreme.

Tell us all a bit more so we can help. -40 is a pretty cold temp--and not the sort of thing you'd regularly encounter unless you were on a trip/expedition (..or live in the arctic circle... at which point I don't think you'd be asking!)

What are you planning? Would help to know what activity you'll be doing at that temperature? And where?



David Thiel

David Thiel wrote a review of on September 11, 2014

5 5

Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

So... lots of people don't realize that eggs can go quite a while without being refrigerated. Like days and weeks. In the old days, they did not even refrigerate them in the grocery store!

If you've already refrigerated the eggs, then I would not keep them unrefrigerated for more than a couple days. If they eggs have never been refrigerated (which means you got them from a chicken! AWESOME. GO YOU!) then you have a couple WEEKS to consume those little darlings.

So... this carrier is light, but bulky. But it's a small price to pay for some eggs while backpacking or car camping. Works a treat.




David Thiel

David Thiel wrote an answer about on September 5, 2014

So... first night out with the pack. Gotta say... this could be a perfect photo pack. Tripod never moved, and I filled the main compartment with four sizable lenses and a 5D. I could get everything in and out without taking the pack off, which was fantastic.

A little more testing is in store, but this looks like it could be a real keeper.

OH... and it was 80 degrees here while I was wearing the pack. While, yes, it could be better ventilated, it was actually a lot better than I imagined it would be... and definitely tolerable for a warm weather pack for non-strenuous conditions. I'll try it on a hike next and see if drown.



David Thiel

David Thiel wrote an answer about on September 1, 2014

I don't have this pack, but reading the specs leads me to believe that it is minimally water resistant. So, in a light snow (with occasional brushing off) it would probably be fine... but standing snow or a light drizzle would probably leak through fast.

I make this judgment based on the material and the declared weight--which indicates that not a lot of coatings have been applied. Also, the zippers are totally gonna leak.



David Thiel

David Thiel wrote an answer about on August 29, 2014

They are not worth the money. They don't hold up well, and the sound quality is not great either. They are really a fashion piece.

If you search the web for top 10 audiophile headsets or similar, you'll find lots of way better stuff for a lot less.

If your priority is portability, I'd suggest some Etymotic wired earbuds, or Jabra's bluetooth headphones if you must have wireless.

(And yes, I speak from experience... I own a (wired) pair of Beats. After replacing the cords a few times they headphones began to rattle. This happened in a little less than a year and I did not even ever let them leave my desk...)



David Thiel

David Thiel wrote an answer about on August 26, 2014

Big Agnes (I think) pioneered the use of non-insulated sleeping bag bottoms, and (i know) they sell their "system bags" specifically for putting a pad inside.

Go here and choose "system bags" from the options at left:

All that said, I've never used one of these, instead opting for a traditional bag because I tend to move around a bit when I sleep.



David Thiel

David Thiel wrote an answer about on August 25, 2014

Dan... thanks for the feedback. I placed an order for the pack and will give it a try. What I'm REALLY looking for in this case is a pack appropriate for international travel--with a camera. So needs to be good for planes, inconspicuous, and still allow me to occasionally hike a few miles with a tripod strapped to the outside. I'm particularly interested in the side entry of this pack--and whether I can get my camera in and out while still wearing it. I suspect the ski straps will hold a tripod just fine.



David Thiel

David Thiel wrote an answer about on August 13, 2014

The reviews of this product on the Patagonia website suggest that if you're not 34" or slimmer in the waist, it will probably not fit. One reviewer reported a 38" waist was too big to thread the belt at all.



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