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Teddy 'Steezy T' Woolman

san miguel, mexico

Teddy 'Steezy T' Woolman's Bio

i ride all over. copper mtn. crested butte. big sky. winter park. aurora. normally (like summer n stuff) im a wakeboarder. i love park and street riding. end of story. gotta have my steez.

Teddy 'Steezy T' Woolman

Teddy 'Steezy T' Woolmanwrote a review of on May 10, 2012

2 5

if you're a one hit wonder kinda person, its perfect, but if you smoke like a chimney i wouldn't suggest this. The stash pouch is a really small, and you can't fit a regular sized pipe in it. its got to be a pinch hitter. however, if you ARE a one hit wonder, buy it now!