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North America's Backcountry

TREK OPS's Passions

Hiking & Camping


TREK OPS Expeditionary Group (TEG) members are either on a real-world expedition or training for one. Their expeditions are conducted throughout North America and are sometimes sponsored by private or public organizations and individuals. They range from ancient treasure expeditions to historical research, documentation and preservation to humanitarian efforts to just plain fun adventures.

The TEG A-Team is the Swiss Army Knife called on to do almost anything in field research and expeditions. Each A-Team member is an expert in their own speciality and cross-trained in others.


TREK OPSwrote a review of on August 9, 2012

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It doesn't even feel right to call the Ambit a watch, as it is SO much more... I am still amazed at the price of this watch. No other watch on the market can touch all the features of the Ambit... Finally, in 2012, one can find a watch with all the needs of an explorer/adventurer... And for those who like to Jeep.

One note on the heart rate monitor strap: make sure you wet the connecting points with water prior to any use & be sure to place the ANT pod more to the left over your heart