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Suney Cheung

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Suney Cheung

Suney Cheung wrote an answer about on July 8, 2012

I'm 185cm and I skied the 188cm with no problems . I think they ski shorter with the rocker so 178cm will be way too short. The longer length helped me charge down the mountain with more stability and I could still ski trees and tight chutes with the 188cm




Suney Cheung

Suney Cheung wrote a review of on July 8, 2012

3 5

Great bladder, has not leaked on me so far.
The detachable hose feature is very handy.

Only thing I hate is the bite valve, it is too stiff to turn between on and off, which gets 10x harder if its freezing cold and requires you to take gloves off.

I took it off and replaced it with a camelbak replacement bite valve which is great and there's more water flow