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Steven Stromer

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Steven Stromer

Steven Stromer wrote a review of on August 18, 2003

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Great looking. Quiet (very little swooshing going on). Keeps all the rain out, even in a downpour. More waterproof than breathable though. Wouldn't want to keep this on longer than need be, even with venting open. Pockets are more for venting than for hands (awkward, due to height) or item storage. On the other hand, not many wasted stitches; this is light, and packable, and does not show wrinkles even after being stuffed in a sack all day. Material is very durable. Hood does not roll up very attractively or easily; expect to keep it unfurled. Front zipper coverage is Velcro and buttons; a bit more work than desirable. Every one of the shortcomings listed is outweighed by the price/value equation on this jacket. If you want light, waterproof, and money left in your pocket, here's the answer.