Steve Nagle

Steve Nagle

Finger Lakes region, NY

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Hiking & Camping

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Snow and water skiing, sailing, sailing some more, sailing at night, fly fishing. Hiking, and camping. Canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting. Time with my family. My goal in life is to not die doing something I love, so I can do it again tomorrow.

Steve Nagle

Steve Nagle wrote an answer about on April 21, 2011

Hi Amrath, of two different single wall tents and a hybrid 1/2 single-wall + 1/2 fly style tent I have found that they are definitely impermeable to rain- in other words, waterproof.

But therein lies the problem of staying dry: unless the tent is made of BREATHABLE material OR has a LOT of cross ventilation the condensation is what will soak you - not the rain. How much condensation forms depends on wind, humidity and temperature. The ultimate "single wall tent" is a tarp and a ground cloth or a fly+ footprint.

With a tent and fly, condensation settles outside the tent wall and on the fly. The humidity, temperature, wind, etc almost don't matter because you till have a tent wall between you and the fly and condensation.

My favorite tent is my 1/2+1/2 hybrid. It's neat because you can go to sleep with the "1/2 fly" rolled back for star-gazing and if needs be you can button up with little effort if the weather changes in the middle of the night. The tent is about 20% lighter than it's full-fly cousin.

My opinion on this Phoenix 2: it looks like it has LOTS of screen and therefore cross ventilation. There are vestibules instead of a separate instead of a separate 1/2 fly like my hybrid so there is one less thing to carry. It definitely looks to have more headroom. I may just have to order one. This will prompt my wife to say "how many tents do you need??" Well, I am not getting rid of my trusty old NorthFace, my Kelty, or my Eureka any time soon :D