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Stanwrote a question about on December 27, 2011

With the features of the Dry Q elite, i assume this jacket could be used as a summer rain jacket...but it is marketed everywhere as a winter shell which raises some doubt in my mind. Can anyone attest to the performance of this jacket in hot/humid climates?

Edit* Well i am more or less between this jacket, the Jovian and the Stretch Cohesion...and I'm battling with a few questions......My Primary use for this jacket will be backcountry/mostly summer time trekking..shelter from the rain and occasional cold. However it will see some alpine use as well. While i understand the Drystein is a combination of various materials and therefore does not include pit-zips..i am a bit skeptical at its effectiveness when so many other Dry.Q models have pit zips...furthermore a jacket like the Cohesion is under a pound with saves weight..but is a Dry.Q core inferior is the Dry.Q core to the elite? aside from the obvious price better off would one be with an Elite model?