Soren McCarty

Soren McCarty

Colorado , Red Rocks , Mountains , Concerts , World Travel

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Soren McCarty's Passions

Mountain Biking
Road Cycling
Alpine Skiing

Soren McCarty's Bio

I have worked as a concert photographer for 20 years, as the photography world changed I have focused some of my energy into some of the other passions I love. Being a Colorado Native and lover of the outdoors , I have worked in the Ski/Snowboard industry as well as at bike Shops. I am experienced as a Ski Boot Fitter , I Ski as well as Snowboard.

My friend and I started a website called we cover various events, review gear , and enjoy life. You can check out some of my work there as well as at my photography website. I live in Vail during the winter.

Soren McCarty

Soren McCarty wrote an answer about on August 28, 2014

Based, on what you are saying the 177 is probably the way to go. Because of the Rocker Profile of this ski the 184cm would ski be a great ski if you are skiing deep snow.



Soren McCarty

Soren McCarty wrote an answer about on August 26, 2014

Fisch I think you will be happy with either the Supernatural or the Bushwacker. It seems like you want to buy Line Skis , so just do it! If you do end up buying the Blizzard you will be happy , can't go wrong with either of those skis.



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