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Soccerchickwrote a review of on October 5, 2007

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This company has excellent costomer service and were all very helpful with my order!!

Unfortunately the sweatshirt I bought is way to big for my child. Sizing is so confusing with sweatshirts these days!! There is no universal size to know what he would wear. I bought a medium and it would fit me almost, and since he is 5 years old thats way to big! The size said 5/6 for a small and he wears a size 7 shirt, so I thought it would be to small to get a 5/6, but The 7/8 is almost an adult small, not youth so its huge, but I guess I can wait a few years til he grows into it..otherwise the company was great to work with..

Tell Rob Deerdack his sizing is way off..LOL

Thanks.. You Rock!