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I am from Costa Rica, live in the northern area with great Arenal Volcano for a view. Feeling outdoors, and feeling fit drives me. It makes me feel healthier and a lot more positive indeed


SilinCRwrote a review of on July 24, 2012

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Easy to handle. It is so big I had 7 kilos extra weight, but that was because I also bought some heavy things. BUt you can fit a lot of things in this suitcase. One of the comments I had read in the reviews was that if pockets side is not full they will be very lose, but I thought this was great for making my packing easy. Probably looks prettier loaded than empty. I did not mind it. Seems to be going to be a sturdy one. So I am happy with the purchase. I think I should have gone for a bit smaller one, though. Other than that, no regrets.