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Siayn wrote a review of on November 27, 2010

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Got this a few weeks ago. Bag seemed solid. Straps are great. I did not have any problems. The xl size is nice and roomy.

I am now in Costa Rica. DEN- ATL-LIB. Two flights and they came off the luggage belt thrashed. I have two of the bags. Clothes in one (soft stuff) and diving gear in the other (hard stuff). The one with the dive gear was in worse shape than the one with clothes, but they both had a dozen or so chunks taken out of the grey outer coating of the back revealing the white fabric of the inner bag.

After inspecting the damage none of them resulted in actual holes in the bag. However if they have sustained this much damage after two flights I have my doubts on how long they will last.

Three stars for now, but if i have a hole in the next couple trips i will be downgrading the review to one star and asking for my money back.





Siayn wrote an answer about on March 3, 2009

The probe only comes out when you want it too. I dig all day with the probe safely secured inside the shovel handle, and when the handle shaft is detached from the shovel blade, the probe is secured in the shaft by a spring clip on one end and the t-handle on the other. In short: the probe only comes out when you remove it via the removal of the T-handle.I've had this setup for 3 years.