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Sheri Sergent

Sheri Sergent wrote a review of on August 23, 2012

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Boy, I'm glad I didn't listen to the girl who said these pants were true to size. I went with a size bigger and should've returned them, but thought the more I hiked the more loose they would become. Not! I Hiked Mount Whitney and they were easy to get off and pull around my boots...I liked that however; when I went to put the legs back on the zipper, one was gone. So there I was with one leg on and one off. This was far from a fashion statement. Yes, the first time I took them off, then on. I will pursue getting a new pair....since I think there's a lifetime warranty. I brought some safety pins, so that helped as we reached the summit. I kept popping the snaps as I bent over...maybe I've gotten fatter? Im usually a solid 10 and ordered a 12..... Glad I did....probs should've gone bigger.