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Sean Hermany

Sean Hermany

The Sierras.

Sean's Bio

Into rock and alpine climbing, and skiing. Was a park rat in a former life until I moved out West where there are real mountains to play with.

Sean Hermany

Sean Hermany wrote a review of on May 18, 2013

5 5

These are awesome. They are lightweight, strong, etc. Pretty much, they're exactly as advertised. Just hoping to help someone avoid my mistake...

30cm == 12", i.e. PROBABLY NOT WHAT YOU WANT.

If you're trying to order your standard, "shoulder length runner", you want the 60cm size. I just naturally figured the smallest size would be shoulder length, then it would go up from there. Well, 30cm means ~12 inches, which is measured end to end, after it's already sewn together.

99% of people ordering will probably not make this mistake, but in the off chance you find yourself unsure, 60cm means shoulder length, 120cm means a "double", and 240 means BIG.

Please note, I'm giving 5 stars, I used my previous set for about 3 years before retiring them (didn't purchase from backcountry), and they worked great. When I went to order new ones, I just assumed the smallest size would be shoulder length, but they're actually not. Not sure what you'd use that size for, since, in that size, we're talking sport climbing quickdraw, where I'd prefer beefy, thick nylon. But I'm not the authority. Anyway, my mistake, not BD's or Backcountry's, but, there ya go...60cm means shoulder.

Other than that, order away.