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Scott wrote a review of on June 16, 2003

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I looked at a lot of boats before buying the Monterey. I kayak primarily on Lake Travis in Austin, TX, where windy conditions are common, so a skeg was a must-have item. I also needed a boat that had a moderate length and weight so I could solo car top it. I narrowed the boats down to the Monterey and the Prijon Calabra. The Monterey tracks very well with or without the skeg down in moderate conditions. When the wind kicks up the skeg keeps the boat tracking fine. When trying the Prijon the boat was very squirrelly unless the rudder was used. I did not want to mess with a rudder and it was more expensive to buy the prijon with one than the Monterey. I ran both boats at the same distance and both were about the same speed but the Monterey was less expensive and a lot better looking boat. I also found the Monterey to be faster to accelerate which is nice when getting out of the way of intoxicated boaters on Lake Travis. I would highly recommend the Monterey, it gives good performance and is a very stable boat as well. For the money you can’t beat it and the two tone color I got (Red/Yellow) looks great.