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Scott VanSant

Scott VanSant wrote a question about on August 26, 2009

Why is it that no one that sells this product tells you in plain English what comes w/ it...even Brunton???!?!?! From looking at this from many sources I am thinking there are 3 cords that come with it. One w/ clamps to charge a battery, a female car battery plug, and another that has 4 different ends on it. There is this Brunton DC 120 Inverter to 110 AC power box that is sold separately...or soes this come w/ it??!?!?! I want to use it on sailboats and in remote areas to charge my laptop and a few nicad battery packs (for Nikon D300), 4 AA batteries, and a sealed nicad battery pack for an Ikelite submersible strobe. If anyone can tell me would be greatly appreciated. Scotty