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Sawyer Sutton

Sawyer Sutton

Adirondacks, Stowe VT, Hawaii Island,

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I do stuff. I also do still photography and media related stuffs.


Sawyer Sutton

Sawyer Sutton wrote a review of on July 26, 2009

4 5

Overall: Has a lot of clever features, but it's akin to ordering a minivan or station wagon engineered by someone who's never had kids.

Pros: Element-sealed camera compartment zipper is very effective.

Comfortable at least for medium or smaller people (I'm 5'9" 140)

Camera compartment is well-sized. I used it with a Canon 20D and it's more than large enough, but secure. I've also used it to carry a Nikon D2Xs and Kodak Proslr-c (full frame cameras), where the compartment was a little snug but workable.

The rear opening of the pack (this is how you access the main body) includes two partially padded zippered sleeves, which are great for carrying filters small hoods, extra batteries and the occaisional charger without hurting your back.

Tripod carrying is easy and comfortable on the sides for smaller tripods.

Except for the front outside pocket, the pack is padded, so its great for carrying lenses, although I wouldn't attempt carrying anything longer than Canon's 70mm-200mm f2.8L because of the space the camera compartment takes up.

Not American-made. It IS made in China.

The built-in pack cover is great and attaches easily in three places.

Cons: The pack could be larger without compromizing utility or comfort, and is not practical for a full day hike (of 15 miles or more).

Lack of dedicated sleeves for lenses

Only smaller format and backpacking-variety tripods fit with this pack, it's not large enough and does not have stays and therefore is not rigid enough to carry a medium-length tripod, although you can get away with a monopod.

The pack will always hang a little low.

The tripod carry on the bottom is not secure enough and the tripod WILL smack the back of your legs if you use it. The worry isn't so much that the tripod will fall off, it's that it swings around.

The camera compartment takes up a lof of space in the pack and makes packing slightly irritating.

Stiching on the pack is a 7 out of 10, it does the job, but even with moderate packing, the white seams/stiches become visible and therefore are a bit unnerving.

The removable camera compartment attaches and detaches with the same clips that the shoulder strap attaches with, but this also means that it only has a shoulder strap and offers little to no protection from the elements other than impact when removed and carried separately.

The velcro removable camera compartment door(separate from the zippered top of the pack) can often get in the way of the zipper, especially when carrying full-frame cameras.

Additional Comments:
If you are hiking in good lighting conditions and don't need a tripod, a couple of nalgenes easily and will securely fit in the sides, and you will be very able to throw in a rain jacket and a little bit of food, but if you carry more than a medium lens and a less-rangely zoom lens, this is not your pack.