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SamSala wrote an answer about on July 11, 2014

James, sorry not sure how to reply directly to your answer, so trying it here...

I think I did get a lemon, but it's not stuck in "Lock" mode. I can hold the button and unlock it but the lamp(s) still won't turn on. The only reason I know it's out of lock mode is the battery indicator light (can get it to switch from flashing blue to solid green which I assume SHOULD mean the lamp is on)...some sort of disconnect between the power and the lamp itself I guess.




SamSala wrote a question about on July 9, 2014

Anyone have issue with this lamp dying BECAUSE of 'LOCK' mode?

I love everything about this lamp (I LOVE LAMP!) but found it dead when I really needed it. Sorry for the TL:DR, but wanted to see if anyone else had similar symptoms. I now know of myself, my climbing partner, and one other friend who have had same dead Storm at the base of a climb. Don't know if I missed something in instructions, or if a design flaw of some sort...

I bought this lamp 4 days prior to a Mt Adams climb. I opened the box, installed included batteries, ran through the functions for about 5 minutes at home to make sure I had them figured out, then put it 'LOCK' mode and into the brain of my pack so I wouldn't forget it.

Flash forward to camp at the base of Mt. Adams, the night before we are supposed to be walking onto the north glacier. BOTH my climbing partner and I turned on our Storms and BOTH refused to turn on. Both lamps had fresh batteries, both were in 'LOCK' in our packs for a few days prior...Got back to town and replaced batts for Rainier climb but only the LED battery indicator light would work - GREEN for on, flashing BLUE in 'LOCK' - none of the main lights (spot, sides, or reds) would turn on. is (of course) completely RAD and after one quick phone call, I will be able to return hassle-free. The only hassle was having to go to REI and pick up another lamp for remainder of trip, as we were leaving for Rainier the following day.




SamSala wrote an answer about on January 7, 2013

I recently dropped this bag on a bed sheet (to keep grass off it) with a 3/4 ThermoRest out in my front yard. Overnighted in -5F and slept quite comfortably in light tights, Stoic longsleeve base top and plain white socks. I DO wish I would have had the foresight to bring out a beanie as the cold spot on my head woke me up a few times, but I overlapped the baffles and ducked a little deeper in and slept fine. 6'-1" 180lbs. I have a Long Right and had plenty of room for movement even after ducking in with boots in the bottom. In a tent in same temp, this bag probably would have been borderline too warm for me. Weight and compressability are meh...but nothing outrageous for a synthetic bag of this rating. ZERO regrets with purchase so far.