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Sam M.

Whistler-Pemberton, BC

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Hiking & Camping

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Big on ski touring and charging lines. Forget the park, you can find me in the backcountry.

Sam M.

Sam M. wrote a review of on October 2, 2011

Accepts and Delivers
5 5

Unbelievable boot. Now, down to business. I ski pretty hard and I do so on 188cm Coombacks. So, I demand a lot from the boot.

In the back of my mind I've asked myself, "Should I have spent a little more on the TLT 5 Performance? Should I have gone for the stiffer Titan?" The answer every time is no. At 1$ per gram of weight savings, the Performance isn't worth it, the difference in stiffness is pretty hard to differentiate, and the flex in the pebax cuff is smoother than its carbon counterpart. On the descent, these boots have accepted my demands, granted them, nothing more, nothing less. Deep powder days, pillow lines, cliffs, steep exposed descents, couloirs, carving large fast turns on spring corn, they tackle everything. I don't want to be unrealistic, if you yourself want to tackle big and fast ski descent you can't rely entirely on the boot, the boot is super stiff for it's weight but you need to be strong on your skis to handle what the designers of this boot would call "above and beyond". Of course a stiffer boot like the Titan will provide the ultimate performance on the downhill, but on the uphill, these undoubtedly win everything.

Even now with the Titan Ultralight, these boots remain 1lb lighter per boot. Not only are these astonishingly light for their strength, but the range of movement is... well, it's amazing. I usually always leave the tongues in to avoid hassle but even then it allows a super long stride. These boots are really versatile in that regard, leave the tongue at home for a flat long distance traverse over an icefield and you cut even more weight. The switch between tour and ski is super quick. When it comes to walking, you might as well be in a mountaineering boot. The narrow profile, flex at the ball of the foot and great range of motion really gives you confidence and ability when your moving over sketchy spots where careful foot placement is crucial.

The boot is narrow, it probably won't fit a lot of feet, and ultimately, if it doesn't fit, it isn't for you. The thin plastic doesn't give you much give for boot punches if you have large bone spurs (like me). Although the boots plastic and liner is thin, it is still surprisingly warm, but it depends on how much you're moving and how warm a person you are. The boot isn't the most resilient so it does receive wear from your ski edges and rocks as you walk. The liner has duct tape in a number of spots but despite it all they're holding up. As a canadian mountain guide in training, I plan to put another 400 days of touring in these on 3 different continents over the next 3 years and I'm sure these boots will accept and deliver all my demands, nothing more, nothing less.

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Sam M.

Sam M. wrote a review of on October 2, 2011

K2 Coombacks
5 5

Last season I bought these on sale at 188cm for a touring set up. I mounted them with Plum Guide tech bindings and my boot is a TLT5 Mountain. My first choice was not to get the ski in such a long length due to the extra weight, etc. but being a tall guy with a strong skiing background, I figured I could handle it both on the up and on the descent. And I have.

I'm pretty happy with my purchase. I've been riding these skis hard and they're solid. I should emphasize that when I say ride, I imply that I charge. I ski fast, steep and challenging terrain, these held up everything fantastically. They have enough width at the waist to take on BC powder dumps while not being too big or soft to handle crusty spring conditions. I can initiate quick, confident turns in narrow couloirs or exposed lines where a fall can't happen. If you put in most of your days in the spring then you might want a narrower ski designed for the hard stuff but when you're looking for an all around ski that can let you enjoy those deep days then look no further. K2 have been making skis for a long time and the construction is bomber, the bases are resilient, the edges are solid and although the top sheets are quick to get a nick, it's merely cosmetic.

This may not be the lightest ski of it's kind but what you get is a ski with a great flex pattern, rocker, flat tail, that can take abuse and ultimately, allow you to enjoy the descent.

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