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Ryan J

Ryan J wrote a review of on March 4, 2003

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Oh yeah! The triad goggles are great, especially with a helmet (Pro-tec) but the whole changeable lens thing really rocks. Not that you need to change your lenses all the time but if you hit it in all conditions and don't want to shell out for 4 pairs of goggles then multiple lenses kind of makes sense (especially clear for night riding). It's kind of a pain at first so don't be in a hurry until you've done it a few times. Also helps if you don't leave the goggles in the car overnight as the cold really makes the plastic stiff. I find that detaching the strap helps too. As for the lenses themselves: the Blue is cool but basically clear. So don't wear them in the sun unless you want to be squinting. That's about it. Lenses are lenses.