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Rusty Scott

Rusty Scott

Telluride, CO

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Hiking & Camping

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I'm a 43 year old snowskater. I also ski and snowboard, but I'm kind of over the whole binding thing. "Free your feet, and your mind will follow." - SNOSK8R

Rusty Scott

Rusty Scottwrote a review of on March 2, 2009

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you are looking at the cutting edge of snowsports. magnatraction originated with the snowskate and is rocking the snowboard world. reverse camber "banana" will/has changed the way you ride. for those ready to move beyond snowboarding, snowskating is the ultimate "flow" sport.
the 48" powder ski is just that, designed for fresh snow. while it works everywhere, it's not suited for everyday all mt. riding on hardpack. unless you are a giant .... 6'6" 250 lb+. the wider ski is harder to move edge to edge, and tends to slide more than carve on hard snow.
combined with a standard length 43" ski, a deck and set of trucks, you can take on anything a snowboarder or skier can handle.