Rowan Heather Dorland

Rowan Heather Dorland

Joshua Tree, Holcomb Valley, Idyllwild

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Rowan Heather Dorland

Rowan Heather Dorland wrote a review of on January 17, 2012

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I finally said goodbye to my loyal puffy just before Christmas, and I was sure I wouldn't find anything up to par; boy, was I wrong. I was looking for something super duper warm, durable - because I snuggle like a boss after motorcycle rides and long freezing climbing days - and if it wasn't too much to ask, I'd like to look good at the same time.

Well, I thought all was lost until I found this coat. First off, I have faith in its durability although I received this just after NYE 2011. The satin finish on the outside of the coat is smooth, resistant to snagging, and also fends off dampness on drizzly mornings (not waterproof though!). All zippers are YKK and zip/unzip smoothly, and the snaps, albeit plastic, feel solid.

Now, this is my favorite perk of this jacket: it is WARM as can be (read: I could probably cook breakfast in my armpit while wearing this coat). Honestly, If you're looking for a light, pretty, fluffy coat to wear for errands and to look cool, this is NOT the jacket for you. Although it is marketed as more of an urban jacket rather than a technical insulating layer, its 800 fill down does its job beautifully. Contrary to other reviews, the hood is RAD and fits over climbing helmets! (It also fits over a normal, non-helmeted human head too, it just takes some finagling - the snaps near your neck definitely are key to helping the hood stay up). Also, this jacket is longer than other puffys - I am 5'5, 125lbs with a long torso, and the small ends at the tops of my thighs.

Lastly, this jacket is ridiculously good looking on. The baffling on the torso (front and back) is seamed to follow and accentuate a women's curvature, and does a great job at that, creating a more streamlined and slender silhouette than is usually seen with insulated jackets. I'm pretty strong for my size, and I usually feel like a stocky fat marshmallow in down coats, but trust me - This coat looks damn sexy on!




Rowan Heather Dorland

Rowan Heather Dorland wrote a review of on July 5, 2011

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I was pretty amped when I received this bag about six months ago, until the outside pocket delaminated from the zipper closure on its first trip; the zipper still zips, but it doesn't close the pocket! Since the straps are great, it looks awesome, and is the perfect size for traveling, I figured I'd just pretend that pocket didn't exist and use this duffel for bailout bag (clothes/ toiletries rather than gear), which I have, on perhaps five or six trips where the bag is tossed in the Jeep, tossed out of the Jeep, tossed in the tent, and then repacked and brought home... certainly not qualifying as heavy use, let alone abuse. So far, the coating on my zipper is flaking off like a gnarly healing sunburn, making the zipper repeatedly get stuck and my toothpaste tore a hole in the wimpy mesh interior pocket.

Oh, and the zipper is pretty leak-happy. Don't spill anything on it, much less leave it where rain can get it.

"Welded" duffel sounded pretty tough, but tough this bag is definitely not.