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Rick Agostin

Dallas, Texas

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Rick Agostin

Rick Agostin wrote a question about on January 4, 2011

I've heard mixed reviews about the current version of Chaco's (made in China) also It seems like neither Back Country nor REI is restocking any of them.
I'm I out of luck of ever getting a pair of Chaco's?
If I'm not out of luck what's the difference betweeen the different soles (Unaweep vs Unaweep pro)?



Rick Agostin

Rick Agostin wrote an answer about on August 20, 2010

I just go straight into the dry bag. You can roll these down and "compress" your bag pretty well with them. Down is a lot easier to compress than synthetic in my opinion. Keep in mind you'll need to Roll the closer a few times to keep the contents dry (but you probably already knew that).

9 x 21in [25L] = Might be a tight fit depends on if your 8x17 leaves room to compress or is pretty tight to start with.

7 x 25in [35L] = Would probably fit pretty well.

10 x 28.5in [60L] = Would be plenty big and leave some room for other stuff.



Rick Agostin

Rick Agostin wrote an answer about on August 17, 2010

It basically uses chemical reaction between salt and electricity to kill bad stuff...
Take a look at MSR FAQ's about MIOX to see all the details about treating more that 4L of water at a time etc.



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