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Pacific NW, in the redwoods

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wish I could spend more time in the mountains.



RedBeardMarty wrote a review of on January 14, 2012

4 5

I was looking for something to keep my hands a little warmer during cool winter backpacking on the Northcoast of CA... I didn't need anything bulky, and I like to have all my digits fully functional when on the trail, so these gloves seemed to fit the bill just fine. They are the perfect temperature, not too warm (my hands get sweaty in some gloves, not these!), but sufficient enough to protect me from temps around 35*F... my only complaint is that there isn't any grip on these gloves. There should be some bits of silicone or something on the finger tips to give you something to grab with. When I was reaching for my 8oz. fuel canister it was pretty slippery in the smooth grip of this glove. If this glove had a few strips of grippiness, I'd give it 5 stars...




RedBeardMarty wrote a review of on December 20, 2011

5 5

This jacket recently kept me warm in 35*F sans sleeping bag.... yes, I forgot my sleeping bag of all things on a simple overnight camp out near Fern Canyon in far northern CA... lucky for me I was wearing this jacket as part of my layering system and was relatively warm the whole night through.

The jacket fits and looks great and is surprisingly versatile, down is lovely like that, it keeps you warm when you need it, but lets you breath when it's not too chilly. I love this jacket, my only problem with it is that I want to wear it all the time even when it's not really appropriate to wear a down jacket...

oh well, it's just so comfortable!