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Brandon wrote a review of on June 15, 2014

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I just finished a 3 day backpacking trip and the Hiker Plus definitely worked to perfection. I have used it a few other times and i have yet to get sick! So i guess you could say its doing its job! It's size and weigh is perfect for backpacking, i double it up with a steri pen just to be extra cautious because nobody wants to get the runs on a long backpacking trip. I pumped water from a nasty pond that you couldn't even see the bottom of, and the water actually tasted better than the tap water at my house! I was very impressed and have nothing bad to say! The only thing is that its quick connect does not connect to a camelbak bladder, but you can buy a connection kit for $5. Also, when pumping into a bladder, make sure you have the valve open on your hydration hose... I learned that the hard way.. It was about 40 degrees and the filter hose built up so much pressure because the valve on the bladder was closed, that it exploded and sprayed water all over me and my pack... Needless to say i was a little cold with no way to warm up... Lesson learned! I highly recommend this filter!





Brandon wrote an answer about on June 15, 2014

No this bag will not be warm enough. In Nevada, Utah (depending on where you are) and the Grand Canyon it would be fine. But it is nowhere near warm enough for Colorado or Montana, i just got back from the Bighorns and it snowed on us... On the 15 of June, i used a 0 degree down bag and was still chilly if it wasn't zipped all the way. Now this is still mid June which is different than July. I own this bag and i use it in the black hills of South Dakota, just cuz its a low enough elevation it never gets cold enough to freeze. Im going to use it bike packing next week. I would highly recommend looking at the Mountain Hardwear 35/55 degree bag. I think those were the temps. It can be used at a 30 degree bag on one side and you flip it and its 55 on the other side. That would work perfect for what you're explaining. Hopefully this was helpful!!!