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RJwrote a review of on February 9, 2012

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I switched from 2011 Ride Revolts and im glad I did. These things are light, the ankle strap is comfortable and snug, and the acid green is just nuts. Ive read some crap about the fit of the toe strap, but I think it fits perfectly--much better than the Ride webbing looking thing. And as for trouble releasing the toe strap, its a little tight, but no big deal. The trick is not just to pull up on the ratchet, but to also push down on the other end at the same time. Works like a charm. These are built tough and intuitive. Everything fits together nicely and looks like it will hold up to some abuse. I wish the toe strap didnt need a screwdriver to adjust, but I guess its not a big deal once you get it dialed in.

I went with M/L, 32 Lashed boots. Fits like a a glove.