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RD wrote a review of on September 2, 2012

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I borrowed a SPOT from a friend who has owned it for a year, but he seemed to have "spotty" results with it. Figured I would give it a try on a 3-day safe trip in Glacier National Park. Plenty of open sky. I set up the email addresses and did a test message while still in town, and it appeared to be working. My wife and friends back home never got a successful message or tracking update while I was on the trail. Not one... Turned the unit off and on several times to "reboot". Still nothing. I left it on "tracking" for most of the trip with absolutely nothing between me and the sky. I also sent multiple "OK" messages. A safety device that has only one function should have a much higher rate of reliability and a way of verifying that it has successfully performed its function. The various combinations of blinking lights seemed confusing. (Admittedly, I should have carried a copy of the instructions with me into the backcountry.) I'm going to have to have a much better proof of reliability before I take this unit with me again.