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PowderedToastwrote a review of on January 28, 2013

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My first two times i took these goggles out they were amazing, no issues whatsoever and then all hell broke loose.

My third time out with these they were fogged up all day, i couldn't see a thing. When I switched to the night lense the nose magnet had fallen off which i just popped back on and it worked fine but as soon as i put them on they immediately fogged up. I was so irritated by the fogging i was considering returning them solely for that reason.

Then later that night, while combating the fog by removing my goggles between each run, the strap which is connected internally to the goggle frame, snapped off from inside the frame and there was no way to reconnect it. Now I have to return a $220 pair of goggles after 3 uses. I'm cashing in on my warranty and taking these back as soon as I can. The ease of changing your lens was amazing though and its going to be the only thing I miss.