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PowderHoundwrote a review of on February 29, 2012

Hovey: King of the Powder
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I admit it...I have a obsession with powder. If you think you might suffer from the same debilitating snowboarding disorder, stop thinking about purchasing this board and do it. NOW. For years, my pow stick of choice was the 160 Burton Fish. Great in untouched, but the noodle-ly front end would bounce in chop and was tough to manage in other conditions. The Jones 156 Hovercraft? Kills it. Want to straight-line a huge untouched face? Done. Take huge surf turns? Go for it. Bounce around in the moguls or fly through trees? No problem. It's become my go-to board here in Colorado I'd say 80% of the time. Best board I've ever owned, riding since 95'. Now if only I had the money to get one of the hovey split decks...