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Polly wrote an answer about on January 22, 2011

I have a AAAA heel and these boots fit fine. Not too snug and support great. Very nice arch support also. When I first saw them I thought "oh poo, another pair of girlie boots" but when I tried them on I was sold. I am an outdoor gal and want my clothing and footware to be just as warm as a male. I resent it when they put frills in womens outdoor gear instead of function. Hard to find great items but these are boots you won't be sorry you bought. The nylon materal is very flexable and with the tie in the front very adjustable. I love mine. Hope this helps.




Polly wrote a review of on January 22, 2011

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While I didn't purchase this boot at backcountry, I would like to take the opportunity to tell everyone what a truly wonderful boot it is. I do a lot of hunting therefore I have several boots for the outdoors. But, living in Wisconsin with sometimes very cold weather (-15 today with -30 wind chill) I wanted a pair of light warm boots that I could be warm in and that didn't have soles that get hard and difficullt to walk in. The ruff around the top stays snug and doesn't make my legs red and sore from pressure. They are very light, very warm, water proof and have just enough of a lug sole for traction.

I bought my boots locally and it was the last pair in my size. So, I am shopping to purchase another pair! Trouble is, I paid twenty dollars less than what I am finding on line. If I don't find them for a bit less I will be forced to pay more! For sure though, I will have more than one pair of these.