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Phillip wrote an answer about on March 4, 2012

I mounted mine +2.5 from the factory line and they are great there. BD Athlete Johnny Collinson mounts his something like +4.5 and he does well with that. I'd say +2 is minimum. Not sure what center mount actually is. You could probably to it as the pintail shape of this ski will keep the tips from diving too much in powder.




Phillip wrote a review of on March 17, 2008

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I'm fortunate enough to be able to travel for, mostly to ski destinations. This shoe is great for traveling light, as in it's the only pair of footwear you need aside from ski boots. The lacing system is easy to get on and off, nice when you're fingers are numb after a day of skiing, and you're feet won't get wet mucking around in slush and puddles. I haven't run in them yet, but I'd assume they work well for a jog or trail run, so you can leave your running shoes at home right there. Oh, and they are great for planes. Taking them off at the security scanner is simple (no laces) and it's nice to be able to pop them off easily on long plane flights. Anyway, I like them a lot.