Owen James

Owen James

British Columbia: Squamish, Skaha, Whistler...

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Owen's Bio

Just getting back into climbing after a long hiatus. I climb indoors and out with the Vancouver Rock Climbing Group, and camp/hike anywhere and everywhere in BC.

Owen James

Owen James wrote a review of on July 6, 2011

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I purchased this harness in Men's Large and found that the waist belt and leg loops were not true to the sizing chart; both were 2" smaller than advertised.

In the end, I went with the Arc'teryx 350a All-Around harness instead which fit closer to the sizing chart, but also has adjustable leg loops. The R320 is admittedly lighter than the 350a, and seems very comfortable. In particular, I can see the benefit of removing the buckles from the leg loops to save on weight, instead relying on heavy-duty elastic to make the loops dynamic in their sizing.



Owen James

Owen James wrote a review of on May 4, 2007

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So they're really comfortable, which is the important part, but they're also pretty strange. When people find out what they're secret is, they always look at me strangely.

Beware the church-key. It stripped the socket on one of the caps as I didn't insert it far enough before turning. Metal on plastic does not mix well.