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Oliver wrote an answer about on April 7, 2011

Rob, I've travelled quite a bit with cookers but there is no airline that I am aware of that allows any kind of fuel. Since 9/11 they've even disallowed matches and cigarette lighters. So it is compulsory you purchase fuel once arrived at the destination country. However, this is not always straight-forward depending on the country: either fuels are branded differently (e.g. ColemanFuel is named Shelllite in Australia) or your destination speaks a different language (US 'white gas' can be replaced by 'solvente industrial' in Argentina).
When travelling in aeroplanes we have the OnmiFuel fuel container (but only the container) in our carry-on luggage (yes!). We empty it beforehand of course and rinse it with water and baking powder with take the fuely smell off it. If you pack it into your check-in luggage then they might see the bottle in the X-ray and pull your luggage apart just to be sure that the container is empty — or they might even page you or hold back your luggage.