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Nicole Sheets

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Nicole Sheets

Nicole Sheets wrote a review of on May 31, 2011

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I loved my first pair of Sidi's which happened to be the men's version in my size. I then bought the Women's 2010 Dominator 5 model, and ended up being disappointed with the flimsy ratchet system that slips while riding and loosens the shoe. Also it is difficult to push the strap through the ratchet due to the flimsy-ness and due to the narrow slot it has to fit through. The shoes also feel looser in fit in the heel and slide around a bit, although they are the same size as my previous pair. A fellow racer described the same problems with her identical Sidi's to a T, so I know its not just me. Its a shame, the last pair I had were awesome and I was willing ot put out the funds for another great shoe experience. But that's not what I got. What happened Sidi?