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Nathan Crockett

Nathan Crockett

Knoxville, TN

Nathan Crockett's Bio

Snowboarding is a huge passion of mine. When I'm not shredding the slopes, I enjoy reading, hiking, canoing, and anything computer-related. Outdoors are awesome.

Nathan Crockett

Nathan Crockettwrote a review of on March 7, 2011

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Bought these gloves a few years back and used them mainly for snowboarding. Served as a great liner under my snowboarding mitts. Without them, my hands would either: A) Become uncomfortably cold; B) Get clammy and sweaty; or C) All of the above.

The Power Stretch glove does wonders with wicking the sweat off your hands while still keeping you warm and dry. Another plus is how quickly they dry.

Recently my original pair began developing holes in the index finger and thumb. Talked to about it and they allowed me to return the old ones and get a new pair for free! (Lifetime return policies are the best!)




Nathan Crockett

Nathan Crockettwrote a review of on January 29, 2008

4 5

Your probably asking yourself right now, "Are these mitts really worth all those 120 bucks? Will they truly keep my hands not just warm and cozy but ventilated too? Well, Burton has not disappointed us at all this year with the new Oven Mitt. It has the same excellent quality that you get with any Burton product plus a couple of nifty touches from the group at AK. These mitts will keep your hands nice and toasty at that comfortable temperature you've been looking for. Those cold hands you've had to deal with for so long are now part of the past. One important thing to know that isn't mentioned in any of the descriptions you'll find, is that you have to wax the leather 12 hours before you use the mitts (in very cold weather at least).If you don't, the leather will start to harden first around the thumb and finger area until it becomes solid and unbendable, which isn't good if you have to strap in to your bindings every so often (I found this out the hard way). So make sure you wax them before you go out and ride or ski. Another word of advice is to order the mitts in a size larger than that of your normal size. In conclusion, the Burton AK Oven Mitts are unmistakably worth all of the $120 you put into them. I know this is kinda pricey for most people, but if you can, you'll want to save up and get these gloves for sure. Your hands will thank you later. These mitts are beyond doubt ones you'll want to consider opting for in your quest to find the "warmest glove/mitt out there".