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Nancy wrote an answer about on June 1, 2013

Patricia, I suspect the reason nobody has replied to your question is because it is unclear what information you are looking for. If you want to know whether a woman who wears size XXL clothing will fit in this sleeping bag, I can tell you this: I usually wear an XL but many XL's in popular clothing brands are too small for me; the Women's Ouray in Long fits me very comfortably. Hope that helps.




Nancy wrote a review of on June 1, 2013

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I purchased the Ouray because it was one of only two Women's sleeping bags I found that was EN Comfort Rated near zero for women. I sleep cold and I wanted a bag that I could use in the winter. I chose this over the other bag, the REI Habanera, because I found it on sale and because the Habanera reminds me of Pepto Bismol. Both bags have similar EN Ratings and weights (the Habanera is a few ounces lighter and one or two degrees "warmer.")

This isn't a very light or compressible bag--it has 650 fill down so it's not a Western Mountaineering or a Feathered Friends-- but is still in the range I consider reasonable for backpacking. I am 5ft 6 1/2 inches tall and my feet like freedom so I purchased the Long. It fits exactly the way I like it, with enough room at the feet to stuff the next morning's clothing. I wear a women's XL and have broad shoulders and did not find this bag to be too tight or too roomy. The zipper works fine. The drawstrings for the draft collar and hood are easy to use. The bag has a lot of loft.

I used the Ouray for the first time in the Adirondacks in early April. I camped in a tent on snow. I wore expedition weight long johns and wool socks but no hat. I used only one ground pad, a Thermarest Prolite Plus. The outside temperature went down to around 19F overnight. I was toasty warm all night and also very comfortable because the bag is so "cushy." With the addition of a second ground pad and additional clothing layers, I believe I could truly use this bag pretty close to the 4F rating. I'm very happy with this bag!





Nancy wrote a review of on July 2, 2011

Great pack for kids!
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My boys love their packs. The frame adjusts nicely and the pack is a decent size (the sleeping bag goes on the outside, underneath the pack, so be sure you put a plastic bag inside the stuff sack if you expect rain.) A word of caution, though: the company says that the pack is designed for kids five through thirteen. However, last summer was the first year I took my kids backpacking and my younger son was seven and a half. He has always been average height and build. The waist belt had to be at its tightest in order for him to carry the pack; if he'd been any smaller, it would have been a "no-go."