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NJKevinwrote a review of on January 31, 2012

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Lenses are fantastic, Technology is out of this world, Interface is truly amazing. but the visibility OUT of these goggles is downright dangerous. They sit significantly farther OFF of your face, forward, and the components on the either side of the goggle itself restrict your peripheral vision. There is restricted visibility also, up and DOWN while looking ahead. Using these on a busy mountain, resort, or trail is very risky, esp for snowboarders who already have to over come blind spots. Its sort of like looking forward through a shoebox. very disappointing, because these would have been awesome, they would have been my last goggle.

I feel its much safer to use a regular wide view goggle with a good GPS strapped to your arm or pack that you can glance at. The HUD in the goggles is not restricting, its the goggle conforming to accept the hardware that makes the field of vision so closed in. total bummer :( hopefully in the near future this will be sorted out, and i can buy the next generation.