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NIVEKT wrote an answer about on March 25, 2013

To answer my own question: The boots are quite accommodating for high volume feet. I tried going with a larger size to start and found I had heel slide, but after about a week in a 9.5 (my street size) i found that the fit was spot on. Until they were broke in I had a little toe bang on descents, but, again, once they broke in, that was gone. If I could change one thing about these boots: Zoned lacing. Otherwise, so far so great!

Edit: After a few months and a few hikes, i'm impressed all to heck with these. I took them wading on my last trip (waist deep) and they drained and dried rather quickly. Once I broke them in, there's been no blister issues or foot fatigue(rare given how wide my feet are). Really a solid buy in my opinion.




NIVEKT wrote a review of on March 15, 2013

5 5

When you need to do everything, this is the board! I've updated this board twice now I've loved it so much. I can literally take this anywhere. It's great in powder, on groomer days, back country, crud and even slush. It's responsive even on ice. The tip design allows for a decent pop for doing lips, jumps and all manner of natural kickers. It's not a floater in the powder, but you wont find yourself struggling. Personally, i enjoy it more than my floater just because I can move it so much sharper. It's obviously not a park board, but, it's still decent. Thanks to their tip design, you get plenty of pop for kickers and jumps. I've not tried it on rails beyond the occasional tree/stump. All in all, LOVE the board and would recommend it to anyone.