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Morgan Guynes

Morgan Guynes

High and low desert. Sierra Nevadas, Rockies.

Morgan Guynes's Bio

I'm originally from Roswell,NM and I currently live in California. I was brought up in the New Mexico high desert. I'm involved with the BSA as an adult leader but started with the scouts when I was young. Outdoorsmanship is a large part of my life. I was selected for Order of the Arrow when I was only 13. For anyone who doesn't know, OA is the national honor society for scouting.

By profession, I do Special Effects for the motion picture industry and before that I was a U.S. Marine.

Morgan Guynes

Morgan Guynes wrote a review of on April 1, 2009

3 5

I know they're shorts, but they're a little on the Magnum P.I. side of short. I prefer my shorts to be right above the knee to right at the knee. These are a good 4 inches shy of my minimum. Of course, this is just personal preference. Otherwise, these shorts are great. Deep pockets are a definite plus. Nothing sucks more than taking a break on the trail and having your stuff fall out of your pockets and not notice.