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Moje wrote a review of on November 21, 2007

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I first got in contact with this bottle in the spring of 06 and I have never looked back since. I have always been picky with drinking vessels. I Persisted with glass as long as I could but they are just to heavy and breakable. Never liked any kind of plastic due to its harboring of bacteria and the oil and chemicals that is used to manufacture it, nor with aluminum bottles that reacts to many liquids that you put into them. With the Klean Kanteen you get the best of everything. Environmental friendly to produce, does not harbor any bacteria, does not leach any toxins, and last pretty much forever. This all means that since it lasts and does not get foul smelling, broken etc, you don't have to throw it out (recycle), just to buy yet another plastic container. This is another major concern for most of us outdoor people, the environment. I have cooked soups and other hot liquids in this bottle right on the camping stove, no problem. After countless outings, scratches and dents this bottle still tastes as when it was brand new.