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Mike in Whistler

Mike in Whistlerwrote a review of on February 24, 2011

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For me, 9/10, top notch board.
Riding since 1994, over 550 days at Whistler-Blackcomb in the past five years, CASI 3 instructor, style: freeride, big mountain
I'm currently on a 2010 NS Premiere F1-R 161:

Responsiveness: VERY lively, yet super damp and solid cutting through crud. Great ollies, and also great for buttering and pressing. Directional rocker-camber is a joy in powder, I ride within about an inch of centered, +/- 18-15deg, 23.5" width. Riding it switch is no problem, still lively and responsive; still working on the switch pow riding, I think it's more my skill level in switch pow than the board, but it carves as hard I want it to switch. Only comment is that it felt *weird* for a few runs until I got used to it. Expect some accidental over-pivot when if you haven't used rocker-camber before - I'd already spent a season on a rockered Libtech Dark Series 161BTX, but this was different. Are there limitations? Yes, but I think they are minor compared to the responsiveness, on-edge and powder performance. It is a little "twitchy" when one-footing, and possibly a bit more challenging on the worst of cat-track conditions. Can't be sure, it's been cose to 3 seasons since I've ridden regular camber.

Durability: well into season 2 on this board (maybe 140 days expert freeriding) which is amazing. I've not had a board survive two seasons with me in Whistler yet. I tore a couple inches of heel edge out of a NS Premiere traditional camber 161 a few years ago, so I considered that wrecked, even though with an epoxy plug I still carved and ripped everything with it still. On the subject of durability, my first powder board 10 years ago was a NS Legacy 159W. That lasted also through a few years back in Ontario and until I upgraded on arrival in Whistler 2005-2006 season.