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Mike Milfer

Mike Milfer

France, Mexico, & The Urban Jungles of Dallas

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Mike Milfer

Mike Milfer wrote a review of on May 1, 2010

5 5

LOVE IT! Almost as much as my Hiker Pro which weighs the same but filters a little faster. Our team had access to NEW SweetWaters all summer and 100% worked perfectly. We made sure all the plastic components were installed correctly & tested each one of them at home before we left. This is a crucial step to test critical gear before venturing out which some people forget about doing. Luckily, no one had any problems and we were dealing with disgusting water conditions. The MSR SweetWater turns pumping water into a really, almost enjoyable, chore.




Mike Milfer

Mike Milfer wrote an answer about on April 15, 2010

This unit includes a 12-volt accessory outlet with overload and short circuit protection. It also includes two 110-volt AC outlets on the front panel to power regular household accessories like your hair straightener, a battery status LED light indicates when to recharge. The battery is rechargeable via AC wall outlet at home or a grounded extension cord in the field. It is a maintenance free, sealed, lead-acid battery with compact, durable, corrosion-proof case.



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