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Mike Glass

Mike Glass

Mike Glasswrote a review of on September 29, 2012

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I bought these from Pac Sun almost two years ago and they're really my only sunglasses. I'm never one to spend more than $100 on sunglasses, but I was fed up with the cheap ones from department stores because nothing seemed to complement my face. I have a pretty long face, and rather thick head (I'm 6' 4" at like 235 lbs though my face isn't fat) and these fit my face very well.

I've never looked great in gold so I got them in the platinum / black / chrome color and they're great. The lenses on that particular pair have a minor green shade to them, hardly noticeable and they are highly reflective.

I love these glasses, they're the perfect modern aviator, especially for guys. They have a very square and masculine appearance. I always get compliments when I wear them out too.

The fact that they're polarized is a huge plus. However, I wish they would have come with a hardshell case that I could keep in my car. Also, I've dropped them a few times and scratched the lenses pretty well. I may try the Electric Vegus out for size if I ever get another nice pair of glasses. However, this will always be in the top of my list.