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Midwest_Boarderwrote a question about on August 27, 2010

How do these compare to flows? ive had the Flows M11 for the past few years and i cant stand them. the top plate moves around, cant get a tight fit and they can be hard as hell to get into not to mention impossible to get into when your half way down a face. i need something that allows me to strap in quick and easy on top of the hill as well as anywhere else on the slope. does the cam allow easy tight fit with rear entry? and how well does it compare to conventional bindings using the ankle strap? appreciate any and all info.



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Midwest_Boarderwrote a review of on August 20, 2010

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This is an amazing buy. It is quick on its edges and and super soft. After 8 years of riding I have never been in love with a board until i got this one. The magna-traction will claw its way threw the ice (great for Midwest "hard packed") while the Banana Tech camber allows for easy as hell butter but the flex sure doesn't hurt at all either. This board had so much pop. It makes rails easy and takes jumps smooth. I love the new top-sheet and it looks even sicker in person.

My only complaint is that this is the first board that I've had heel/toe drag with but i do have size 11 feet and didn't go for the wide board and went a little shorter for the park.

I cant say enough good about this board but Lib Tech, you did it again. BUY THIS BOARD!!!