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Michelle Emmons

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Michelle Emmons

Michelle Emmons wrote an answer about on March 13, 2012

Hey guys, NOT 27 pounds... well, maybe with your gear loaded into it... but yeah. It's actually maybe 10-12 lbs. The baffles provide incredible compression, so your landing is super "cushiony" - you can replace the foam in each separate baffle as it breaks down, so no need to purchase a new pad, and you won't be spending a bunch of $$ to replace all the foam at the same time. The pad rolls up into an easy storage back pack, with a protective flap that wraps around the bottom of the rolled pad. You can then toss your gear inside the rolled section so no need to carry extra bags of gear. There are also plenty of gear loops on the outside of the rolled pad, and the waist belt is fairly bomber, though I'd like to see it reinforced for a better fit around various sized peeps. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this item, and been climbing for 20 years on and off. The nylon denier cover makes for a durable, long-lasting life, and it's about time a company came up with an item focused on sustainable use of recycled materials.