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MatthewStreet wrote an answer about on August 13, 2011

Just an asside. Ive had the 24, then (and still) the 25, after that I moved to the Trango, and now I'm using MSR's Asgard. For the amount of room, you can't beat the later. I've done trips with both my 25, a friend's Trango, and the Asgard, and have had no worries at all with the Asgard. The 24, and 25 are great, they perform wonderfuly, however, their build quality is just under par for my liking. The Trango was also fantastic, I enjoy it quite a lot, it's the narrowness, and the lack of air circulation in certain situations that was a drawback for me. The Asgard is a little lighter than the Trango, and because of it's "halo" poles, the integrity in the winds (we've met some +60mph) is unmatched. The halo'd pole design also means that there is much more internal space that is actually livable. and the massive vestibules are plenty for gear, dogs, cooking, etc. It could very well be a tight 3 person tent if needed but I wouldn't recomend it with my size (6'2" 220). Use simple guy lines in heavy winds or point the tent into it, and it hunkers down and becomes apocolypticly sound.